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Welcome to Dhaba at the Mill, a place where food brings people together.

In India, Dhabas line the roadsides, serving fresh curries to the common man and woman. They are simple and honest, a tent to cover pots perched above open fire, surrounded by tables and crowds. At Kyneton's Dhaba, this simple authenticity is our aim. Housed in a historic post and beam steam mill, Dhaba is a place for locals and visitors alike, to share delicious Indian food as well as stories, laughs and our cultures.

The ritual of gathering around food is a huge part of Indian culture where it is always an honour to serve a guest. Please join us at this special dhaba and enjoy fresh, delicious flavours from the ancient land that we love dearly, made by people that truly respect the tradition of cooking for sharing.

We look forward to sharing a meal with you, The Dhaba Team
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